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Tyson, VA (near D.C.)

Following my travels from yesterday, I flew from Houston to Dulles airport for a mid-day bris.
The timing worked out rather nicely and the bris went without a hitch.

Thank God, all wonderful and good.

Here is the location of the bris - a tucked away Chabad "house" (literally, a house), where there was plenty of room for guests of family and friends to sit through the ceremony and then to move to the basement for the celebratory meal!

Image may contain: sky, house, tree, cloud, outdoor and nature

I don't *always* explain every aspect of the bris. But in this case in particular, it was the right move, and a number of people told me afterwards that hearing the explanations makes the whole thing (a bris and all the trimmings, pardon the pun) make sense. Without an understanding of why we do this, it has the ability to be perceived as gobblygook.

I can put that on a business card. "The anti-gobblygook mohel!"


And again... Houston, TX

Coming to Houston is a mixed experience. Of course, as I am always coming for a bris, there is tremendous joy and simcha! On the other hand, driving around and seeing the remains of houses that were ruined by Hurricane Harvey is rather sad. The good news is that in the neighborhood where I usually find myself, there is a lot of (elevated) building going on. Hopefully this is a sign that should bad weather come in the future, the people will be prepared!

I got to Houston Wednesday morning for an afternoon bris, so I found a quiet corner in the Cafe by the J, where I could do work. Of course there I saw this sign, which is a great example of taking a verse from the Torah out of context in order to further (though in this case the message is harmless) an agenda.
The bris took place in Genesis Steakhouse, a second time for me, following in the heels of one of my earlier brisses in Houston.
Nice decor
Here is the spot where the bris took place, after the deed was done. 
note the good lighting!

 And isn't this baby delicious? This is his post bris nap!

 One really cool gimmick. The photographer was snapping pictures, and all the while he was printing them on fridge magnets for people to take home. Cool!

A few more pictures from the bris. Note the wine walls. Pretty clear why they call themselves a wine and steak bar. Oh. And an incredible glatt kosher restaurant.

 This is what they served for the celebratory meal. 

It was as delicious as it looks. 

When I left the following morning to head to DC (see next blog post), I found myself leaving my hotel REALLY EARLY in the pre-morning, with not enough time to daven. I had to return a rental car and then take a shuttle in order to catch a 7:30 flight. So by the time I got through security it was 6:15 and light outside. I don't like to draw attention to myself through putting on Tefillin in the airport, but when I snooped around a bit, I found this lovely corner that seemed a little off the beaten path. 

And so here is where I prayed. Note my luggage in the bottom right corner.

As it turned out, this room, which might have been otherwise occupied or used, had recently been disassigned from one of its normal usages. Added blessing!

I took the pictures after I was done, but before the wrap up. Great experience!

Hadran Alakh Houston! We shall return!