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Welcome to travelingmohel.com! If you are expecting a boy, or if your son has just been born, and you live in an area without a local mohel (or the local mohel is unavailable, or you are exploring other options), travelingmohel.com is the address for you.

I come highly recommended by happy parents, rabbis and physicians, and have developed the traveling for a bris down to a science so that you have the best experience possible from a traveling mohel, your baby is given the attention he needs and deserves, and we remain in constant contact until your baby is completely healed from his bris (circumcision).

I currently live in South Florida, making me an ideal candidate to fly anywhere in the Caribbean or the United States. I am open to flying just about anywhere in the world!

For more information about me and my thoughts on bris milah/ brit milah/ berit milah, please see my regular blog at http://www.mohelinsouthflorida.com/

Click here to read the inaugural thoughts of this website/blog. This posting is the important first step in understanding what I offer and how my mohel services will best fit your needs.


Isn't it easier - and cheaper - to use a local mohel?

There are certainly benefits to having a local mohel. But there may be cons to having a local mohel too (See here, and here, and here, and here.)

Think of it this way - many people who require a delicate surgery will travel across the country, or even across the globe, to go the "best" specialist in the world.

For your son's bris, the specialist will come to you! (I do not claim to be "the best," which would be presumptuous, but there are things I offer that you won't find elsewhere -- see the end of this posting and here.)

Let's talk about whether it is indeed cheaper to use a local mohel.

If your local mohel does not take a fee or takes whatever you'll give him, then yes, your costs with the local mohel will be lower.

But if your mohel has a flat rate of $500 or more, then you can begin to weigh options.

Here is what I ask for you to cover/arrange.

Travel - flight or fuel (if it is up to a four hour drive, I will consider driving) (we can arrange airport pickup)

Hotel accomodation - in the event I need to come the night before (if I know people in town, I might arrange to stay with them)

Consideration for my time - a minimum of $250 should serve as a base range. As per this blog posting, however, I will leave it up to you - no questions asked.

Flights might cost between $200 and $350, depending on the day of the week and the season. In this case, your costs may be the same, or even lower, when you call me.

Obviously, if flights cost $600, I will recommend you use the local mohel, if there is one.


If you are strictly looking at things in terms of dollars and cents, weigh the options and decide which will cost less. Call me - let's see if we can work it out.

If you are weighing other components in your decision, I can help you explore those ideas, to help you discover the best option for you. (go to my other blog, and search "important questions"

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