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Welcome to travelingmohel.com! If you are expecting a boy, or if your son has just been born, and you live in an area without a local mohel (or the local mohel is unavailable, or you are exploring other options), travelingmohel.com is the address for you.

I come highly recommended by happy parents, rabbis and physicians, and have developed the traveling for a bris down to a science so that you have the best experience possible from a traveling mohel, your baby is given the attention he needs and deserves, and we remain in constant contact until your baby is completely healed from his bris (circumcision).

I currently live in South Florida, making me an ideal candidate to fly anywhere in the Caribbean or the United States. I am open to flying just about anywhere in the world!

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A Traveling Mohel That's Right For You

I met with a woman today who relayed to me an awful experience the son of a friend had in his bris. They brought in a "highly recommended mohel" who, in a manner I think I understand and can explain, amputated either the baby's glans or the tip of his glans. I don't know the rest of the story. I only hope the baby was able to have emergency surgery to correct the new problem he is faced with in life.

Stories like this make me wish mohels like that would be either prosecuted, ostracized, or should at least never work again. It is only arrogance of the highest order (important part is halfway down in the link) which makes some mohels think they need not take necessary precautions to protect the safety of the babies on whom they operate, and attempt to give them the mark of the covenant.

This traveling mohel has an excellent track record, because this traveling mohel takes important precautions to make sure the bris comes out as perfect as possible, every time.

* All materials - bandages and surgical instruments - are brought to the bris packaged and freshly sterilized.
* Gloves are worn every time the baby's open wound is touched.
* A surgical marker is used to pinpoint the exact extremities of the foreskin.
* Irreversible clamps are not used, and safety devices are used (as opposed to old-school free-hand) to unequivocally avoid problematic outcomes such as the one described at the beginning of this posting.
* I check, double check and triple check that the bris looks as perfect as possible before I close his diaper and return him to his parents. In the event the baby, anatomically or through the process of the circumcision, needs an adjustment or touch up, it will be taken care of right away so there will never be a reason to revisit the circumcision.

When you look for a traveling mohel, you want to get a traveling mohel who comes, does the job right the first time, and leaves your baby more than well on his way to a full recovery. With no complications. And with doctors singing the praise of a job well done.

A traveling mohel who will give this to you authors this website. Contact me via email at avbillet@gmail.com

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